About Me

I am a news designer who focuses on interactive and digital story presentations.

My name is Hannah Wise. I am a multimedia journalist who strives to tell stories that are well reported and visually stunning. I work very hard to create content that is important to my audience.

I am constantly teaching myself new skills whether it be new print or web design techniques, a new Adobe program or a new language. Learning has been a life-long mission for myself and I try my best to bring an openness to try new things to everything I do.

I am a UI Designer at The Dallas Morning News. My focus is on front-end design and development as well as interactive story packages.

Highlights of past work:

I was the Summer 2014 web production intern at The New York Times. I worked nights primarily producing the U.S., Politics and Education pages of NYTimes.com.

I was the Summer 2013 digital design intern at The Dallas Morning News where I designed interactive story packages for The News’ flagship iPad app and a special section of DallasNews.com related to the West, Texas explosion.

I was the editor-in-chief of The University Daily Kansan and Kansan Media for the spring 2013 semester.  Kansan Media covers the daily paper, its online presence Kansan.com and Jayhawker Magazine.

I managed a staff of over 100 students to produce the student newspaper for the University of Kansas. The Kansan was named the Best Four Year College Newspaper in the state of Kansas by the Kansas Scholastic Press Association under my editorship. Numerous staff members were honored for writing, editing and design.

My 913 cover story “Different, but really the same” was awarded Sixth Place in the Hearst Journalism Award for Feature Writing. It was also awarded Third Place for Feature Writing in the Society of Professional Journalists Region 7 competition.

In my time away from work I enjoy collecting literature and cardigans while spending autumn days with my two kittens Gatsby and Daisy.

How I spend my time

  1. Designing 50%
  2. Learning 60%
  3. Writing 40%
  4. Listening to Music 90%
  5. Speaking German 60%
It’s more than 100 percent because that’s how hard I work.

What’s up next:

I’ll be exploring downtown Dallas and beyond while writing consistently about my experiences — something you’ll hopefully be able to read on this site and not only in my notebook.

I am also working on research about Germans in Texas and their immigrant story with the hopes of tracing it back to Germany.


Still want to know more? 

Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @hwise29. I’m also on LinkedIn and Tumblr.

I’d like to direct you to my résumé, and I’m always more than happy to chat about my experiences if you shoot me an email.